Samantha Ryan Quick Facts

Alias: Samantha
Date of Birth: 3/3/1978
Home Town: Kansas, USA
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Height: 5’7
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Hazel

Samantha Ryan Biography

Hazel eyed hot tie Samantha Ryan was born in Kansas in 1978. Samantha made her adult industry debut in 2004 when she was 26 years old. During her first year in the adult industry Samantha featured in a handful of adult films which featured in a variety of niches including anal, oral and gonzo.

Samantha Ryan stands at 5’7 and weighs 121lbs. Samantha’s huge fan base love her for many reasons including her sexy 34B-25-35 figure. Samantha currently has her navel pierced and has a tattoo on her right buttock and on her foot. Samantha has been nominated for a variety of adult awards including:

2006 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Video – War of the Girls
2007 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene, Video – Butt Pirates of the Caribbean
2008 AVN Award nominee – Best Solo Sex Scene – All by Myself
2009 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene – Girls Kissing Girls

During her adult career Samantha Ryan has worked for a variety of adult production studios including Ninn Worx, Vivid, Elegant Angel, Hustler, Medium Pimpin, Vivid and Penthouse. Samantha has also worked with many big adult stars including Faye Valentine, Persia Pele, TJ Cummings, Charmane Star, Gia Paloma, Haley Paige and Naudia Nyce.

20 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Jerry says:

    Wow saw you in the greatest girl girl scene with an older blonde gal .It was about 40 minutes long. The most passionate lesbian scene I have ever seem !
    Scene: You needed money and she was to pay you $500 for her first girl girl experience. What is her name ? You both were hot and I spanked my monkey for an hour and a half Great work !!!

  2. Clemens says:

    Dear Samantha,

    You are a very pretty young Lady – You have wonderful, not pushed up by a doctor breasts, but it is not good for You to work in porno industry any longer. I know You earn Your money by this and You want to have a luxery lifestyle – but I am sure it is not good for Your soul. I am not religon fanatic or prude.

    Tender Kiss for You

  3. rohan pandya says:

    i m crazy about samantha ryan……..she is hot…..can ani1 help me meet her…..or give me her contact no……!!!

  4. art fry says:

    samantha, u are the most sensual women on screen I have ever seen keep up the great work. why did u change your hair color to dark…by the way u are extremely beautiful too

  5. BG says:

    Samantha.. I have seen many lesbian videos.. But the videos conspiring you has different feel…. Your expression is natural and wat to say… Killing… I am not married.. I never slept with a girl nor boy… But my heart kindles me to make love with you…
    But i know its not possible… Any how in dream its possible.. Bye…

  6. tarcy says:

    ur work is great, awesome n sensual samantha…we all love you.<3 wht r ur plans about getting married or having kids?

  7. John Anthony DiRose says:


    Hi! 🙂 ohmmmm.. i wont spam you.. but i guess I am contradicting myself? >:)..just a little.. hahaha..BUT;;;
    ANYWHOOZLE! (to start off; this rambling, friendly FRIEND request!;;

    *my name is john DiRose. I am from NY!
    & i am 19 years young, straightly “oriented“ and such!
    YOU WILL NOTICE.. I act like i am a 5 years young INFANT)..LOl..OR! AS MY MUMMY CALLS ME, “ENLIGHTENED J” 😀
    I just wanted to tell you i think you’re absolutely beautiful! And I respect your work very much!
    I am going to be filming in Colorado NEXT YEAR! .. Mostly nature & a few faces as well!
    a funny thing is; you look like my best friend, Lauren…
    i know this is a very STRANGE message to send you and all.. but just wanted to say, HOWDY! :D..Lol.. that is all ..Lol =P
    I hope all is well & peaceful!
    Maybe someday if you’re interested.. I would love to photograph your face for my photography scrap book! Haha it mostly consists of Mountain Peaks & such things having to do with nature, and all! But it would honestly be unreal to meet you, for some reason your face sticks out the most from all the other models… and its because you’re so Naturally Beautiful! & that was obvious to me..
    I’ve also been recommended in “the male modeling scene” by “THE KEEN MODELING AGENCY” as well!
    But I just find that taking pictures of Natural, Real & Cyrene life makes me feel more satisfied! J ..
    mostly because I see myself as more of an “ART NERD!” =P.. Lol.. Lalaalaala.
    & “your average lazy musician, Guy”..Lol.. who just bums it & enjoys nature & pure LIFE “thrills.”
    Oh! 😀 &&&& just *REALLY* friendly at heart! =P
    BUT, enough about “my life story”.. Jeesh! (I am a ranter.. To say THE VERY LEAST..!..Lol)
    BUT ANYWAYS! Thank you so much for reading your fan male.. I MEAN *MAIL*,
    IF YOU HONESTLY READ THIS WHOLE LETTER & SURVIVED… <3 Lol..! <3 (I bet that was a kind of obnoxious joke of me to STATE… but I kid, I kid! J <3 )..
    Ugh, well! Time for me to close this, unfortunately for you!.. Lol.. (YEH RIGHT) (;
    I hope you enjoyed my colures!
    I hope you have a great day!

    <3 -John Anthony DiRose <3

  8. Katherine says:

    Samantha, I am lesbian and have seen many lesbian movies in my time….The best ones are those where the women appear ‘lesbian’ and real. In every film I’ve watched of you with a woman you seem to deliver more than realism. Firstly, and excuse me for saying this so primitively, but your mouth is adorable and smile is very beautiful….the way you kiss is so heart melting and non pretentious or false that it is hard to not want to fall in love with you. You kiss like you mean it and that’s what so ‘turn-on-able’. You don’t do sex like other ‘girl on girl’ movies either where they tend to be geared for men’s sexual benefits. They have no emotion are predictable and to be honest with you – an utter bore!…you however appear completely authentic, intense, emotional and sensuously real. I don’t watch ‘porno’ movies because they are generally nonsense. They do not cater for lesbian women….and they make me feel rotten. Producers of most ‘girl on girl’ scenes forget that women are turned on by the cerebral aspects of sexuality and intense sensualism. Sex starts in the brain first. You happen to be the only female I have seen that makes porno actually beautiful. You portray beautifully lesbian eroticism to a high level and I am left with the feeling that to act as deliciously as you do – there must be some lesbianism within you…I have never seen you do dumb girl on girl ‘play sex’ you instead express making love. I’m not also one to condone porno either – but if you are to continue to ‘make love’ on screen the way you do, kiss with passion, move your body with such aching hunger, genuingly like what you do and are so very attractive – you actually contribute something positive to the world. Many lesbians need role models like this. Please keep it real as you do….if you make love to women as you do on screen, look into your lovers eyes the way you always do, keep each orgasm real as you do, make every kiss as passionate and sensual as you do you are guaranteed a lesbian audience and will be very successful indeed…..and also many lesbians fantasy x To end, you are absolutely such a great kisser that I’m left stunned for days after watching your clips…incapable of thinking straight at all xxx Take care of yourself…and remember that you are a precious soul.

  9. Katherine says:

    Oh yes, one other thing too – and sorry about the crudeness, but your body and breasts are to die for – perfect…don’t enlarge them or do any plastic surgery anywhere, your body is really delicious – keep it real…and not too many tattoos too, your too beautiful for all those unnecessary embellishments x

  10. Talisa says:

    Love Samantha! Would love to see you work with Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone or India. Sam, your lesbian scenes are among THE most sensual I’ve ever seen. The kissing, the caressing, the passion. And, I love the fact that you’re a total top and that you love tribbing! I love when you smile and bite your lip while looking into your partner’s eyes. I love how you lose yourself in your orgasms–the redness on the chest and outer arms gives you away every time. That’s how I can tell you’ve really had an orgasm. 🙂 Much love and light to you.

  11. Mafesta says:

    I will have to agree with Katherine. You’re so beautiful. I never watch porn but when I stumbled upon one of you clip with a girl, I was amazed. You act so natural. Everything seemed real. God, I love the way you kiss. I reviewed one of your video clips with men and I found it entirely different in your girl-girl scene. With men, you are loud, your body language is different and I just knew you’re faking it. There’s only one question in my mind: When you do it with girls, is there a shade of reality in your scenes?

  12. Mafesta says:

    Oh, one more thing, I love you when you orgasm. During climax, you’re more beautiful than ever. Are your orgasms real? I’m really, really curious Samantha.

  13. shanka says:

    you r so hot i wanna wish to meet once time”’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  14. samantha :) says:

    you have turned my world up side down!!!
    Jesus, when I look at you I feel like my whole life was wrong.
    I can’t stop watching your videos. Even now – instead enjoing my family, I’m sitting in badroom searching web to find anything more about you!!!
    I’m thinking about you all the time, even talking to my husband!!!
    I have never seen so sensitive acting. I love watching you with girls. You are so delicate but also hard in the same time. Your face, and eyes and your hands movements especially making me feel like blowing all over!!!
    Is there any chance to get any sign from you?

  15. Bryana says:

    Oh my gosh where do i start, Samantha you r so beautiful, smart and real. I love your movies and vidoes. You make your scenes so hot and sexy, i love your tattoos and fingers for some reason. I am a bisexual but when i see your movies everything is so different for me, i suddenly got more attracted to girls. You are an inspiration to me. I know this might sound weird but i really like you i know there is no chance of me meeting you but a girl can only dream can she :] I love you samantha oh and my favourite scenes of you were the 2 scenes with zoe voss they were so hot and amazing!!!! Love your wirk ryry hope you keep up the good work. 😀

  16. Dale says:

    Like the ladies above have already said, Sam you are the best kisser in adult period.

  17. Grant Anwar says:

    Ms. Ryan, You can domme me with a strapon ANY time. You are the hottest TOP ever. xoxo

  18. tasim says:

    Thanks Samantha Ryan I like sex movie you are really so beautiful I hope you long time beautiful your face I like your fashion

  19. RECHARLI says:

    hi dear samantha i would love to have a photo of you with your name sigined on it

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