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  1. buckron says:

    you’re my idol forever………………..

  2. John says:

    Hi, i’m not sure what to call you miss or Mrs. when i first saw you , you looked totally hot’n’sexy. Are you actually a blonde now. you look totally amazing. l caught the AVN AWARDS. And was excited to hear that you won for best supporting actress. Was that the first time you ever won for best supporting actress?

  3. Tomy vilayil says:

    The best lesbian movie star ever…for the first time, I watched a lesbian movie completely…I just am in love with Samantha…her sweat made me completely attracted towards her…and she is so hot, awesome and the best than any other adult movie actresses ever…I really do not know what else to say…I am in Love with her…just wow…<3 <3 <3

  4. Tomy vilayil says:

    I also wish that if I could meet you personally and take her out for a date or a candle light dinner…

    I do not have words to explain your beauty and hotness…You have a seasoned player attitude inside your face which looks so simple and innocent…

    Can I meet you??! Sometime, please..

    I am serious about my request..!!

  5. Ajay says:

    after seeing you, i dont see any one,…
    want to spend private time with you…

  6. ... says:

    Dear Jamie

    Today I have seen you for the first time in my life and eventually ran off with words. Don’t know what to write.
    You can’t imagine how hard it is to say something when you don’t know what to say.
    Well as they say some feelings are not meant to be spoken,which are far beyond the words, which cannot be expressed or understood and can only be felt.
    A just single thought of yours is enough to fill the deepest fathoms of my heart. Your beauty and innocence is such even stars would envy you.
    Many a times I just wonder how people became entire world to some one, well today I got my answer.
    To be worthy of being loved you don’t have to be worthy of sexual desires ,that’s what I think. But no matter what you do you will always remain special for me because you have made your place different in my heart
    Wishing you the every happiness in the world cause that’s what you deserve.

    Always Your’s

  7. Lola says:

    I’m trying to find a film you made. It starred you and a girl named Lily; the girl must have been Hispanic or something. She had dark brown hair. Another brunette milf instructs Lily to call you to come over to her house because she has valuables and keepsakes that you might want to take. Samantha comes over and is greeted by the brunette milf and seduces her. What is that film? And how can I view it??

  8. Parry says:

    In my life I never saw a better gal than you
    You are really the best in everything you do
    I wish I could invite you for fun

  9. siva says:

    You r the hottest pornstar I have never seen you r looking so beautiful I can’t sleep without seeing your movie I’m just become mad while seeing u u look so sexier

  10. siva says:

    If u just date with me I can give my best whatever u need because I’m trained hard by your video

  11. Philip A Garza says:

    Hello Samantha. My name is Philip Anthony Garza, but please call me Phil. I’ve enjoyed the videos that you’ve done for Anton productions. My favorite was the feet to face video you made with Karlie Montana. That was probably one of the best non sex videos I’ve ever purchased.

    I thought you disappeared and left the business. Maybe to start a family, take a break, or just to travel. Can you do us a favor next time? Please let us know if your going to be gone for awhile. There are those of us who did miss you. I’m glad you’re safe and you were able to help out after the horrible and tragic shooting in Thousand Oaks. I live in San Antonio Texas which isn’t too far from Sutherland Springs. Take care and I hope to hear from you.
    All the best

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